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We are excited to provide the latest update on Launch Kern as we propel forward with our continuous improvement initiative.  Subsequent to training 200 County leaders last fall, we scheduled monthly Lean Six Sigma workshops open to all County employees.  Through February 9, 2018, we have trained an additional 158 employees, bringing our total to 358 so far.  This has generated several more “quick win” projects that are documented here under our Projects page.

Launch Kern is also excited about starting our Green Belt training for 10 County employees.  Our future Green Belts have begun the process of scoping out high impact projects that will improve the quality of life for Kern County residents by eliminating waste and improving service delivery.

Their classroom training will conclude in late April with project management occurring throughout 2018.  Projects and their results will be presented to the Kern County Board of Supervisors in December of 2018.

Please check back to see what projects we are working on and follow our progress.

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