Child Support Services – Schedule Template

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The Kern County Department of Child Support Services plays a critical role in the positive outcomes of Kern County children. Research has shown that when parents can rely on monthly child support payments, those positive outcomes increase. Establishing and enforcing orders for child and medical support and collecting payments help provide food, shelter, clothing, school supplies, transportation, health care and education among numerous other costs associated with raising a child.

This is why every dollar and hour saved by the Department of Child Support Services is essential. One of the time consuming processes in the department was scheduling interviews in the Human Resources Unit. The process of e-mailing instructions for interviews was wasteful for all staff involved. With over 300 interviews scheduled per year, it took staff away from performing other essential functions.

The solution was to create a universal template containing tabs for each classification of interview. Each tab consisted of the appropriate interview instructions for each classification. This eliminated the wasted task of creating and e-mailing instructions for every individual, separate interview


Staff now has additional time to focus on other concerns related to the core purpose of Child Support Services, which is to help families create a better life for children.

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