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The annual Summer Reading program at the Library requires several vendors for special events (i.e. reptile shows, magic shows, etc.). Different branches schedule and submit information for these events to Library headquarters.

However, this has led to several problems relating to waiting and overproduction: staff having to research and investigate omitted information; contracts often not being completed within the required time frame before a performance; marketing must compile and interpret (for easy readability) the contract and billing information for other staff.

By simplifying the process through a single SharePoint Intranet platform, a standardized branch submission form was developed to eliminate the need for staff to do additional research. The list generated from submission is easily accessible, searchable, and can be filtered by all Library staff. This reduces the need for marketing staff to compile and interpret information for other staff.


Improving this process frees up staff time to focus more squarely on serving the public rather than completing paperwork. It also frees up resources to allow the Library to put more into community programs, and ensures that vendors and events can go on as scheduled without delay or cancellation.


With the transition to a new, standardized submission form, the Library will eliminate wasted staff time compiling contract information, eliminate staff time compiling a financial excel sheet, and eliminate staff time spent requesting more information from various branches. In total, the savings in staff time equates to $5,754 annually.

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