Fire – Light Vehicle Maintenance Intervals

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The Kern County Fire Department would perform oil change and lube services to their light duty response vehicles every 3,000 miles because they followed the recommended interval for “severe duty” over 20 years ago. This standard required significant personnel hours and costly motor oil and filters. After conducting research, the department found that Oil Life Monitors are a reliable method to calculate service intervals because they track engine RPM, engine load, distance traveled, as well as other important measures. The department reevaluated their process and installed Oil Life Monitors in 140 light duty vehicles to eliminate excess processing and accurately assess the need for service.


This improvement is important because it saves service technician hours, which allows them work on other maintenance and repairs that ensure the Department’s goal of excellent public safety.


After installing the Oil Life Monitors, 46 vehicles revealed an average of 5-7,00 miles between oil changes, so the department will now perform services 40 times rather than 66 times. This improvement has resulted in 3,640 hours saved for a total of $212,177.


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