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It doesn’t start until somebody does something differently.  And it doesn’t stick until nearly everybody is doing something differently.

A large-scale initiative such as the continuous improvement effort being launched in Kern County is an exciting but daunting challenge.  That’s why the underpinning of Launch Kern is strong partnerships and ongoing collaboration with our County departments.

By creating an infrastructure of County department deployment leaders, over 25 departments can follow a deployment model that works best for their organizational structure while still communicating with and using the Launch Kern team for support where needed.  This allows us to track and communicate successful projects countywide, learn from one another and provide inspiration.

To promote positive cultural change, Launch Kern is dedicated to creating these key components:

  • Linking Strategic Goals to continuous improvement projects/results
  • Allowing for customization to suit departmental needs
  • Focusing on long-term sustainability
  • Empowering employees to be their own agents of change
  • Recognizing the value of failure as a step toward success
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