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The Treasurer-Tax Collector identified incorrect property tax payments and check processing times for its first Lean Six Sigma project. Often, the department receives incorrect payments and duplicate payments from taxpayers, which increases staff time to research, process, and either send checks back, refund payments, or ask for additional funds which all include manual processes. The team is addressing this problem by redesigning the current tax bill to make it easier for taxpayers to understand what amount is owed and when and by highlighting the online payment service. The team is also conducting outreach and education and meeting with different stakeholders involved in the process. For check processing, the department has changed how it interfaces with the bank’s lock box processing center to increase its utilization and automate its incorrect payment, or rejected payment processing methodology.

By improving these processes, taxpayers will have an easier time understanding how much they owe in property taxes, when it is due and will increase payment processing efficiency. The process improvement will also decrease costs associated with staff time devoted to this issue.

Cost savings amounted to $124,481, which was mostly due to processing items.

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