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The handling of cardboard at County facilities and the transportation of cardboard to recycling facilities has been an inefficient and expensive process. Poor labor handling techniques caused cardboard loads to be contaminated and rejected. Because they were loaded by hand, loads had low density, which was of less value to the recycler. Since loads were hauled to the recycler using county equipment, it required County personnel and equipment to be dedicated to the process. The use of balers will improve the cardboard recycling process. While balers will still be loaded by hand, their output will be a more dense bale which decreases the amount of loads needed to transport the cardboard to the recycler. This also allows the County to receive a premium price per bale. Lastly, the recycler will be transporting the baled cardboard, which reduces the use of County equipment and personnel, and lessens the transportation risk of County equipment on the highway.

This improvement is important because it improves overall safety by using less labor at the facility, mitigates on-the-road risk by reducing County staff transporting equipment and cardboard, provides direct savings in staffing costs, operations and maintenance, and an increase in revenue.

Contaminated loads have been eliminated. There is also an increased revenue due to premium pricing for bales exceeding 1000 lbs. This project is immediately scalable to larger County landfills, and the estimated savings per year amount to $191,500 in operations and maintenance.

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