KCERA – Member Seminar Estimates

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KCERA produces retirement benefit estimates for members at its semi-annual retirement planning seminars. To accomplish this, KCERA staff spend in excess of 40 hours a week researching, auditing and generating estimates for over 120 attendees, taking time away from mission-critical functions.

KCERA developed a self-empowering process for members to generate their own estimates at their own convenience. With the development and launch of its Member Portal, KCERA staff simply inform attendees during the sign-up process that they have the ability to generate their own estimates at their convenience and prior to the scheduled seminar.


This process improvement has a dual benefit: customer service has improved because members can take ownership over their own personal retirement planning and KCERA staff can re-direct their hours to mission-critical tasks.


Indirect savings or “soft cost” savings of $2,127.20 annually and 80 hours of re-directed staff time to mission critical tasks.

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