Planning and Natural Resources – “Just In Case”

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Planning and Natural Resources has numerous projects that require oversight by three separate oversight boards/commissions. Despite electronic information being available and published on the Department’s website, there was overproduction and excess processing of staff paper reports. Between 5 and 15 hard copies were being reproduced several times a week, “just in case” a member of the public, a Commissioner, County Counsel or Board member did not have access to an electronic copy. The time to reproduce, transport, collect and return excess copies for recycling was frustrating and wasteful.

Looking at this process, Planning and Natural Resources determined a minimal threshold number of copies to produce if a “just in case” scenario occurred with a member of the public or Commissioner. Based on experience, it was determined that only three extra copies needed to be produced, and a binder including all staff reports could be used a single reference at hearings.


Identifying what matters the most to staff and customers will concentrate resources where they belong. Unburdening staff from unnecessary, costly and redundant tasks improves customer services and has a direct savings to costs. It also re-directs staff time to more meaningful responsibilities.


Direct savings in paper and labor costs to the applicants (customers) at a minimum of $24,745 annually; direct costs in labor and paper to the Department of $7,055 annually.

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