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In October 2018 we will celebrate the one year anniversary of Kern County conducting Lean Six Sigma workshops open to all Kern County employees.  It will also be the one year mark for introducing the successful “quick-win” platform for employee projects.  Quick-wins are process improvement projects that individuals or small teams of individuals can accomplish in a relatively short amount of time.  When employees attend a LaunchKern workshop, they will have an opportunity to focus on solutions to individual frustrations in their work environment.  Emphasis is given to employee ownership and autonomy in order to achieve continuous improvement.

Creating a culture that values engaged and empowered employees not only improves morale, but will have a downstream effect by achieving cost savings, improving services to residents, avoiding layoffs and providing career development opportunities.  As of August 2018, Kern County employees achieved remarkable results for LaunchKern’s inaugural year:

  • Over $4 million in savings
  • Over 80 projects from 20 County Departments
  • Over 600 employees trained
  • Nearly 20,000 hours saved

As we reflect on the first year of the LaunchKern initiative and prepare for the second, we greatly acknowledge Kern County employees working in the trenches for our early success. This initiative has been successful because of those who do the work and are courageous enough to initiate change.

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